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Molly Dimefski is a multidisciplinary graphic designer and art director interested in working with badass ladies, brands, and  organizations.  


From Portland to Austin (and even a stint in Montauk) Molly has had the opportunity to work across the country, but currently resides in New York City. 


While working at agencies, Molly had the pleasure of creating work for brands such as Samsung, Facebook, L’Oreal, Fossil, Livestrong and Godiva, just to name a few. After agency life she served as the Senior Designer at the interior design startup, Homepolish, where she created everything from digital experiences to a mural.


Outside of graphic design, Molly is passionate about travel, interiors, textiles and architecture. She loves bringing her passions together in any way she can.


Say hello: mollydimefski@gmail.com

*Portfolio available upon request.